How does it works
The headset:
The headset is used as a receiver for taggers shots, lightwieght and less sweaty than the vest players often forgot they have them !
In some scenario the headset is also used as damage emitter (to simulate explosive damage i.e).
The tagger:
Accurate, strong and reliable. The tagger can be configured as a machine gun, a sniper or why not a crossbow ?
Depending on the game scenario we can adjust every parameters.
Several box are used on the field, these are used as respawn point.
They also can be used as capture point or whatever we want depending on the scenario (be it a super-weapon box)
Game system
A wifi system for a full coverage of the battlefield.
A software to configure everything relative to games, monitor ongoing games and of course retrieve scoreboard.
Inflatables :
If needed we can adapt to flat field with these to create a whole arena (indoor or outdoor).