Game changer

To understand what's going to happen to your players, see below


At first:
In almost every session, the first game is rather simple : eveyone equipped with a submachine gun and a team base to go back to get a new life. Here's why :
Players will get used to the equipment, sounds and battlefield area. We want everyone to focus on basic knowledge of the game before going further.
Animator will be able to gauge players experience and ability to lasertag, in order to adapt upcoming modification of the game.
Let's spice things up:
En fonction de ce qui a été observé en première partie, nous inclueront dans les suivantes diverses mécaniques de jeu supplémentaires, parmis:
Tagger modification: The sub machine gun was fun, but what about a silenced one? Maybe an assault rifle or a sniper would be fun too?
New abilities/buff: To spice things up or implement more teamwork, players might be granted the ability to heal teammates, use a long range taser on enemy players...
Want something different ?
If you feel that was too simple, we can add more temawork to the game, or maybe you want something out of the ordinary.
New scenarios are always under development but here are the most popular we have :
Zombies: Few players are given the zombie role, the numerous others are survivors and have to hold their ground until the chopper arrival. Zombies can be "revived" by their queen. Survivors ? Once dead they turn into zombies !
Spy: What would change the game if there was a spy in each team ? Beware of your allies as much as your enemies....
Captain: No more base to go back and revive, now only your captain is able to save you after your fall. Wait a minute, if your captain fall who's getting him back then ?
Get there and survive: Some capture point are placed around the battlefield, players have to remain on the capture point to score. Kills do not score anymore so you better team up with comrades to get there.